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This is my first dive into full custom mechanical keyboards. I must say that after this build I actually have absolutely no desire to purchase other keyboards, and I have little interest in trying different switches. I am only a casual gamer, so I wanted the best typing feel, and the Boba U4T tactile switches are just incredible for me.

Here are the build highlights:

The PCB is the hotswap version. I know how to solder but didn't feel like messing with it just in case I wanted to try other switches.

The spacebar has a Durock Dolphin silent linear switch instead of a U4T switch. I like the quiet spacebar a lot. I also added foam to the spacebar.

Keycaps are ePBT X GOK BoW.

I lubed the Durock v2 stabs with 205g0, and holee modded the spacebar, but found only a small difference so I did not bother to holee mod the other stabs. I must not be super picky about the stabs.

I bought Stupidfish case and plate foam, but decided not to use them. The space between the case and PCB is so small that adding case foam of any type results in the spacebar being unable to flex, which in turn causes some crazy spacebar pinging, even with spacebar foam. The plate foam amplified sound coming from the number and function rows so I did without it too.

The gasket mounting kit is out of stock and it is my understanding that it will never be restocked, so I improvised a gasket mounting system by using some small pieces of foam/rubber (the kind you put on the bottom of something to keep it from scratching the table) on the bottom of the aluminum plate where the gaskets would normally go. After using lower-quality pre-built keyboards for years, I actually found that I like a stiffer typing experience, and the foam/rubber pads don't really make it flex much more, but they do reduce vibration which I really like.

I did the painter's tape mod to the PCB and bottom of the case. I think I put 3 layers on the PCB and 1 or 2 layers on the bottom of the case. It didn't make a big difference with this keyboard and these switches, but since it was so cheap and easy to do, I just left it in there, in case I try different switches in the future.

I may try my hand at filming and lubing the switches (using the Gazzew method) just so I can get some experience doing that, but to be honest, I am very happy with the switches in stock form, so I am in no hurry to do this.

You can find my related PC build here:
Color(s): Black White
RGB Lighting? Yes
Keyboard Type: Custom


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$ 398.00
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