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keebs.gg is an online community driven by enthusiasts globally who have fallen or are on their way down the rabbit hole that is the Mechanical Keyboard. At the center, keebs.gg allows you to show and search for builds while our extending network into Reddit, Discord and Instagram make sure the conversation never stops.

Our website and connected social networks are tailor-made for keyboard enthusiasts of all levels. Focused on the community aspect of keyboard building, keebs.gg is the place for enthusiasts to show off their builds with an audience of like-minded individuals. Users can easily upload pictures of their keyboards and create build logs to show how they completed their project. Our extensive component database also makes quick work of entering the components used in each build.

Making sure that the community never stops, we’ve partnered with leading brands in the space to offer regular contests across our entire network. If you're a master builder showing off your perfect keyboard or just getting started and want to dive deeper, you’ll have a chance to be part of our exciting competitions.

As you fall down the rabbit hole, we'll be here going down it with you!