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Here you'll be able to create meetups, find upcoming meetups, and look at previous meetups alongside their picture gallery.

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Have you hosted or are hosting a meetup and want to share it? Here you can create an upcoming event or share a previous event with images to show what you've done. Share details, track your RSVP list, and more all in one location.

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Upcoming Meetups

Date Title
No further meetups scheduled yet.

Past Meetups

Date Title
BruKeebMeet23 - Keebs&Kopi
BN, Bandar Seri Begawan
Oklahoma Mini Meet-Up
US, Oklahoma City
PDXKBC Meetup - Occupy LL Edition
US, Portland, Oregon
Chicago MKB Summer Meetup
US, Schaumburg, IL
PDXKBC Meetup - Bunk Edition
US, Portland, Oregon
Keeb Devils July Meetup
US, Chandler
Taipei, Taiwan Lunch and Keeb Meet July
TW, Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan Casual Meet
TW, Taipei
US, Portland
Keeb Devils April 2022 Meetup
US, Chandler