Gift of Giving and Contest Updates

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Gift of Giving and Contest Updates

Just a quick update here. First, we want to share with you some of the people who have won CableMod Custom Keyboard cables this month via our random giveaways.

Here at AlfredoEight and HonchoBZ45 have been fortunate enough to win a cable each.

On our Instagram giveaway @jovinorolfo managed to score a free custom cable.

While in our Discord, LGVishual178 won a cable via our #my-dream-cable channel, and both Meepergon and Malcom008 won a cable each during two random giveaways we did via our #lets-giveaway-something channel.

For the chance to win prizes randomly, make sure you're joining us across all our communities!

Contest Updates

We've got two major announcements regarding both the Contest here, and the Gleam Competition. The first is that we'll be extending the entry time before voting starts on the 4K Contest by an additional two weeks. A lot of people have expressed that they're waiting for parts, and the more the merrier we say!

At the same time, we'll be extending the end date for the Gleam Competition by two weeks - this will continue to finish before our 4k Contest.

Finally, another reason for the extension is that we'll be sharing additional sponsors and more prizes later this week. Give us a few more days, though, to share more information on that.

Keep Clicking and Clacking away,
The team