Custom Red and Black Splatter Patinaed 60% Keyboard

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Stephen Korzetz
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Custom Red and Black Splatter Patinaed 60% Keyboard

This is a 60% Keyboard with an aluminum case that I conducted a hot process patina on to achieve the color and design.

I dove into the process of patinas when I ran across KneeDeepPatinas on Instagram, since then he has been incredibly helpful and helping me learn the processes of creating these pieces. If you don’t already know of his work, I highly suggest checking his Instagram out!

This board required a hot process patina of heating the case to a couple hundred degrees Fahrenheit and then applying different amounts of dyes and acids to achieve this.

Most patinas are used on brass, copper, and steel as natural reactions can occur with those metals. While I have been practicing stellar patinas with those metals that allow many different effects, I’m interested in practicing more with aluminum as it can allow for the majority of cases to be patinaed and can lower the cost of needing brass or copper.

This board is a simple 60% that I photographed outside on top of a mirror to achieve the natural photos, no editing. I built this board with novelkey creams lubed and filmed, Durock stabs, and topped it off with Mistel WoB Keycaps.

I know it’s a stretch, but if anyone is interested in allowing me to attempt a patina on your board free of charge (minus shipping to and from my location in TX), I’d love to try and do one for you. My main difficulty with this hobby is having enough boards I can do this too, and finding those who are willing to let me give it a try on theirs! Obviously, I don’t want people sending me an expensive board or a board they are not okay with an unexpected outcome whether it comes out successful or a failure. I’ve had a few people willing to let me work on a board or two they had sitting on a shelf and it’s been very fun to do!
Color(s): Black Red White
RGB Lighting? Yes
Keyboard Type: Custom


$ 180.00
Custom - Patinaed
Material: Aluminum
Size: 60%
$ 40.00
$ 20.00
KBD Fans - 60% ANSI Aluminum Plate
Size: 60%
Material: Aluminum
$ 40.00
Switch Films
$ 10.00
$ 45.00
mistel - WoB
Color: Black, White
Profile: Cherry
Material: ABS
$ 20.00
$ 12.00
Sound Dampening
$ 10.00
Estimated total value of this build:
$ 389.00
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