CW60 LE SkunkworXXX Prototype

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CW60 LE SkunkworXXX Prototype

This is a prototype CW60 LE. It is the only 60% Limited Edition Skunkworxxx in existence. I originally had planned for GMK Stealth to be used, following the Skunkworks theme of the project. As many people know, my favorite layout is HHKB. Cruel World sold me this board post friends and family group buy, and I'm very grateful for that. Until GMK Stealth comes in, I have the board paired with GMK Modern Dolch Light using the alternative kit on escape and enter. I do really like the grey tone/monochrome look for this board. On the back, you have Cruel World's logo in PVD coated stainless steel and the same pvd coated stainless steel on the back weight. I felt very fortunate to give feedback on one of Cruel World's first prototypes for the aluminum version of his board, and hope to continue working with him in the future.

This board does have a really unique mounting system, using proprietary injection molded gaskets that sit like a sock over the cutouts in the plate. It provides dampening on all sides and really does help the board sound extremely nice. My board is currently build with lubed and filmed (205g0/105) Gateron Oil Kings and lubed (205g0/XHT-BDZ) Durock v2 Blackout stabilizers provided by Prevail Key Co, one of my sponsors. I've also spring swapped the Oil Kings to 60g Sprit Supreme springs for a nice smooth touch. This is definitely one of my favorite boards to type on.
Color(s): Black
RGB Lighting? No
Keyboard Type: Custom


Cruel World - CW60 LE Skunkworxxx
Interface: Wired
Type: 60%
Hineybush Keyboards - H60- JST 60% Solder PCB
Connector: USB C
Size: 60%
$ 65.99
Gateron - Oil Kings
Film: Yes
Lubed: Yes
Switch Films
GMK - Modern Dolch Light
Color: Gray, White
Profile: Cherry
Material: ABS
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